• Choosing Your Dragon

    Dragon Biomass have developed two ranges of boilers to burn almost any natural products. They are thermostatically controlled, use heavy duty boiler plate and are built in the UK.

    Please contact us if you have any questions about how the boilers work, or what fuels they can burn.

  • New New New

    Dragon Biomass have teamed up with Danish company Twin Heat to introduce an automatic feed system that can be installed into new and existing Dragons.

    This means that, for the first time, our batch fed boilers can now also be fed with woodchip, pellets, sawdust, chipped waste wood, wood shavings etc.

    Twin Heat have the same principles as Dragon, robust, high quality and easy to use.


Dragon have two ranges of boiler

11 x Single pass models, for low cost start up and difficult to burn fuels.

13 x Double pass models including 11 RHI approved boilers for batch burning and high efficiency.

All boilers are built using boiler plate and come with a 3 year guarantee.

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Dragon boilers can be installed by our own team of qualified, authorised installers, or they can installed by your own installer provided the boiler is commissioned by us before use.

Dragon Biomass boilers can be used to supply heat and hot water for

Houses, Workshops, Chicken sheds

Dairies, Log drying, Grain drying

Car garages, Industrial units

Showrooms, Wedding venues

Hot water pressure washers

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Fuel Types

All Dragon Biomass boilers can burn virgin wood, waste wood, straw, cardboard, in fact, most dry natural products.

We will try to spec your boiler so that you stoke it once a day.

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All Dragons are built, from scratch by our own fabricators in Lincolnshire.

We also build accumulator tanks, header tanks, loading tools and frames.

Dragon have also built a network of suppliers to supply control panels which can be adapted to your own requirements.

Flue systems, spec’d to your own boiler’s needs.

Pumps, heat meters, pressure valves, magnetic filters and plumbing equipment are all supplied by British companies.

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All Dragon Double pass boilers above 50 kW have been tested by an accredited UK laboratory for their emissions.

There is a range of boilers that can burn virgin wood.

There are certain boilers that can burn waste wood.

And there are boilers that can burn rape straw, linseed straw, miscanthus, cereal straw, pea or bean straw.

All boilers must be commissioned by our own authorised installers.

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All Dragons must have regular maintenance to ensure they perform correctly.

We are happy to do this for you.

Or we can train you to become authorised maintenance personnel, therefore reducing your ongoing costs.

We can supply you with training, ongoing support and a list of daily, weekly and annual checks.

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