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Dragon Biomass are one of the original biomass boiler companies in the UK and Ireland

We have been telling everyone about the virtues of being able to burn what is essentially a waste product (straw, timber, waste wood, cardboard) and to do the following with it ever since;

1) Create hot water for heating, drying, washing etc

2) Stop using fossil fuels, or at least cut down on the reliance of them

3) Get rid of your waste

4) Stop sending waste to landfill

Let us tell you all about how you can do one or all of the above by arranging a site visit. We will tell you:

1) Where to site the boiler

2) Discuss what fuel you have and how it can be burned in a Dragon

3) What you can heat

4) How much it is going to cost

5) How much you are going to save

6) For the lucky ones, how much you could get back from the Renewable Heat Incentive



For installations in Ireland, please contact our agent directly.

Dermot Murphy,
Dragon Heat Ireland,
The Castle,
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R93 A364.

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