Dragon Biomass have years of experience in installing boilers into various types of building.

For an installation to be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive, you must have an eligible heat use such as houses, workshops, chicken sheds, dairies, car garages, industrial units, showrooms and even wedding venues.

Use of hot water for a process is also allowed on the RHI such as a pressure washer. If you any questions, please feel free to call for up to date information.

All boilers installed by anyone other than our teams must be installed using an open vented circuit. Our own teams can install in a pressurised system. Dragon can supply expansion tanks which are sized by the amount of water that will be in the system, including the accumulator tank. For example, a boiler with a 10,000 ltr tank and a further 1,000 ltrs in the system, will require an expansion of approx 1,500 ltrs.

When we complete a site visit, we can discuss the size and location of the accumulator, expansion and boiler.

Click here to download Boiler-schematic

boiler install