All Dragon Biomass boilers can burn virgin wood, waste wood, straw, cardboard, in fact, most dry natural products

We will try to spec your boiler so that you stoke it once a day. This is certainly possible when using an accumulator tank. If you don’t want to load the boiler every day, then take a look at our new Auto-feed system which will enable the boiler to load itself with several different types of fuel..


Dragon Brochure waste wood


1 tonne of wood can save up to 400 litres of oil.

Wood should ideally be stored for 18 months under cover and exposed to the wind. This “seasoning” can also be completed in a much shorter time by drying. It is possible to dry wood using the Dragon which then makes your fuel much more efficient. We have alternative methods of drying, please ask for details.



It is possible to burn any type of straw in a Dragon Biomass Boiler.

Rape, linseed, bean, wheat, barley and miscanthus all burn whether rolled or in hesstons. When baling for the boiler, try to pack as loosely as possible. This allows air to get through the bale and therefore produces a cleaner more effective burn.

All straw should be stored under cover and allowed to dry in order to reduce the smoke emissions when the boiler is first fired from cold.


Pallets and waste wood

Pallets should be un-treated and stored under-cover to keep them dry.

They can be loaded into the dragon using a forklift.

One 17 kg pallet will produce approx 60 kW of energy. Therefore a 240 kW D240 will burn for approx 3 hours when loaded with 12 pallets.

There are strict rules for burning waste wood in Dragon Biomass Boilers.

Please contact us for more information. Alternatively, go to the Environmental Agency web site and to your local authority. If you would like to burn waste wood in an approved appliance such as a Dragon, please contact us and we can advise on boilers that can burn full pallets or shredded wood.