All Dragon Boilers can be delivered or collected by the customer. If they are delivered, we will normally try to send via hi-ab, which will be on either a rigid truck or articulated. This means that we don’t need to rely on you to unload the boiler which can weigh up to 8 tonnes.

Your installation will require the following before the Dragon boiler and equipment can be sited;

1) Concrete pad; Ideally 8” thick and re-enforced. This is required for the boiler and accumulator tank.

2) A 16-amp single phase supply. In most of the larger boilers, there are two x 3 phase invertors in the control panel. They require a single-phase supply in and then they control the speed of the fan and main pump. Boilers less than 150kW will use a single-phase fan, pumps and therefore control panel.

3) Cold water supply;

The size of concrete pad will depend on the size of the boiler and the accumulator tank. We can supply a “footprint” required for each boiler and tank. We can discuss this at the site visit.

Boilers being delivered
Boilers in Transit