Maintenance of a Dragon boiler is straight forward.

Empty the ash, clean the heat exchanger tubes with the tools provided and check the back box.

We will train you to use the boiler when we commission it. How to load it, how to light it, how to keep it clean and how to maintain it. We can train your staff how to look after the boiler and provide them with a certificate to say they are competent.


All boilers should be serviced annually

Dragon are happy that most customers will be able to service their own boiler

However, we can carry out servicing on all our boilers on an annual basis. We will carry out a thorough examination of the boiler and the installation where possible.


The Dragon boiler is guaranteed for 3 years from date on the data plate.

Any issues that arise after this period can also be repaired by our own team of qualified engineers

We are based in Lincolnshire and are happy to travel to any part of the UK to resolve an issue with one of our boilers.

The Dragon boiler is now cleaner and more efficient than ever before.

This means cleaning the boiler once a week for 30 minutes, followed by a monthly maintenance check for 1 hour, followed by an overhaul once a year. We are happy to set up an annual maintenance programme for your boiler and system.


Training manual template

Click Here for Training manual

“The initial enquiry was dealt with very quickly and the boiler was installed two days after the quotation. The engineer worked quietly and efficiently. Thank you.”