Dragon Biomass build every boiler from start to finish in our factory in Boston, Lincolnshire.

All the boilers start with a piece of rolled boiler plate and are eventually tested by the fabricator to 2.5 bar. This allows the boiler to work under a maximum pressure of 2 bar.

Dragon Biomass also carefully select partners to work alongside who can supply goods and services that benefit and improve the manufacture of the boiler and the installation. These products include; who provide our control panels

Our latest partnership includes Boiler Mag who provide high quality filters for a low cost alternative to rust inhibitor and a 10 year guarantee.

Accumulator Tanks

Accumulator tanks;

We are happy to build you an appropriately sized accumulator for your installation.

Biomass batch boilers normally require a size of around 50 litres per kilowatt for a typical install. Therefore, a Dragon D240, rated at 240 kW will require a 10,000 litre tank.

We can also supply you with reconditioned accumulator tanks, or use your own tank. We can tell you where to put the tappings for the tank so that you can have the tank in position, ready and waiting for your boiler and installer to turn up


All flues supplied by us are stainless steel, twin wall, and fully insulated. They will take the temperature required for our boilers and are also capable of withstanding sudden high temperatures.

We will calculate the height required for your flue at the time of the site visit. This will be based on surrounding buildings and trees. There should always be a minimum of 5m from the top of the boiler.

The flue is usually supported by a guy rope kit or can fastened to a fixed support, or wall.

Boiler Mags

There are two ways to reduce the rust that can build up in a steel based plumbing system. Rust inhibitor is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of water in the system. It is expensive and needs topping up as the water in the system can evaporate over time. The alternative is a boiler magnet. This works by filtering the material as it moves around the pipework. The initial set up cost is less than the inhibitor and the type that we supply has a 10-year guarantee. It requires cleaning once a year during your annual maintenance.

Heat Meters

These are required as part of the application to the Renewable Heat Incentive. One meter per installation is all that is generally required and allows you monitor the usage of your boiler. We can supply and install these in accordance with the requirements from OFGEM.


There are generally three pumps used in a typical installation. A shunt pump is controlled by the panel and is used to get the boiler up to temperature quickly when the fire is first started.

As soon as a set temperature is achieved in the flow pipe, the main pump will start the circulation of water in the boiler to the accumulator tank. On all boilers above 150 kW, this pump will be controlled by an invertor in the control panel. The panel varies the speed of the pump and the fan on the back of the boiler to ensure that the boiler does not keep starting and stopping therefore reducing smoke to a minimum.

On the other side of the accumulator, at least one circulation pump is required to move the heat from the tank to your properties. Again, this is generally controlled by the panel. All the pumps and control panels are supplied with your boiler and can be installed by Dragon Biomass.