Pallets should be un-treated and stored under-cover to keep them dry.

They can be loaded into the dragon using a forklift.

One 17 kg pallet will produce approx 60 kW of energy. Therefore a 240 kW D240 will burn for approx 3 hours when loaded with 12 pallets.

There are strict rules for burning waste wood in Dragon Biomass Boilers.

Please contact us for more information. Alternatively, go to the Environmental Agency web site and to your local authority. If you would like to burn waste wood in an approved appliance such as a Dragon, please contact us and we can advise on boilers that can burn full pallets or shredded wood.

Waste Wood

We have several ways of loading waste wood and arborcultural waste into a Dragon.

For example, our cartridge system involves loading a cartridge full of broken wood and loading it into the boiler with a forklift.

Cartridge system

We can also supply baskets for loading into the Dragon


Dragon Biomass

Dragon Biomass have been asked for many years to produce an automatic feed system for the boiler without compromising the ability to burn round and heston bales of straw.

We can proudly announce that we now have teamed up with Twin Heat who can supply us with a product that is built to the high quality, robust quality of a Dragon boiler. It is easy to use and can be installed into new and existing Dragon boilers.


We have several options available including a purpose built container which incorporates a Dragon D220 and a Twin Heat auto-feed. This unit will be able to burn bales of straw, pallets and logs as well as chipped waste wood, G30 virgin chip and wood shavings.


OFGEM have agreed that the way a fuel is loaded into the boiler is irrelevant and as long as the boiler is passed for the fuel that it is burning, then they are happy for the boiler to be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive. This particular boiler is passed for all these fuels and is approved for use by the Environmental Agency by using a U4 exemption.


Wherever possible, the auto-feed will be mounted into the back of the Dragon. This will mean removing the boiler and returning to our factory in Lincolnshire. We will be able to complete the modifications and update the boiler if required to improve the current performance, before returning to site and re-installing, complete with the Twin Heat auto-feed.

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